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Curtis Septic Service
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Curtis Septic Service
Septic Tank & Systems Pumping & Cleaning
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Curtis Septic-Ashburnham, Massachusetts 01430
  Curtis Septic Tank Pumping        Ashburnham, Massachusetts 01430
Septic Pumping & Maintenance
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Ashburnham Septic
Serving Ashburnham, Massachusetts
For Over 30 Years!
Ashburnham's #1 Source for Septic System Pump-out &
Septic System Maintenance Record Keeping

For over 30 Years, Curtis Septic has been providing the cheapest, most affordable septic tank pumping and cleaning service in Ashburnham, Massachusetts and surrounding communities. We also pump grease traps. Curtis keeps accurate maintenance records so we're able to remind you when it's time to service your septic tank.

Free Visual Inspection & Written Report with Every Pump!

Curtis Septic offers a septic system locating service for our first time customers.  With every septic tank pump-out, we will perform a free visual inspection of your septic system and update you on the state of your system's current condition. Other septic companies charge various rates for this service. We consider it our duty to inform you.

Choose Curtis Septic Service for your Septic Cleaning and Maintenance in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

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